Hagedorn Weekly Report #44

Dodge and Mower


We continued to travel across southern Minnesota and I campaigned in several cities, including Austin, Lakefield, Dodge Center, Mankato and Fairmont this past week.

We are in the middle of GOP County Convention season, as Republicans in each of the First District’s 21 counties are meeting during a condensed 4-week period to consider policy resolutions and elect delegates to the May 7th First District Convention in Mankato and the May 21-22 State Convention in Duluth.

Four county conventions were held this past week. I visited the Dodge, Mower (see above photos) and Jackson conventions (see below photo) and addressed more than 200 Republican activists (turnout was huge at all the conventions!). Reception from delegates was warm and enthusiastic. Our Party is energized and ready to unify and work hard to elect a new GOP president and unseat liberal Tim Walz. Special thanks to Paul Lenz, Chairman of the Watonwan County GOP, for representing our campaign at the Cottonwood County Convention.

This Saturday 9 counties will hold conventions – Winona, Faribault, Freeborn, Rice, Steele, Rock, Watonwan, Waseca, Nobles. Our campaign will be represented at all conventions and I am scheduled to visit Freeborn, Steele, Rice, Waseca, Watonwan and Rock.

Jackson County


Mankato Times; Hagedorn Kicks Off Campaign In Mankato:

Thanks to publisher/editor Joe Steck and the staff of the Mankato Times for covering our recent campaign event in Mankato. Click for article.

Fairmont Sentinel; Hagedorn Challenging Walz:

Thanks to reporter Jason Sorensen and the Fairmont Sentinel for this news story reporting on our campaign’s Martin County event and my views on several key issues.

$100 Note


Thanks to Neal and Juleen Breitbarth, Rep. Bob Gunther and the FitzSimmons Family for hosting our fundraisers in Fairmont and Mapleton. We have 3 more fundraisers scheduled for March (see below for full details).

Tim Walz is bankrolled by inside-the-beltway lobbyists, trial lawyers, Twin Cities socialists, government labor unions, extremist environmental groups and the abortion-on-demand lobby. Meanwhile, we rely upon the support of fine Americans like you.

Please attend one of our fundraisers or make a contribution today to help finance our campaign. To contribute electronically, click here. To make a contribution by check, please mail to: Friends of Hagedorn; 11 Civic Center Plaza, Suite 007; Mankato, MN 56001. Thank you!

Upcoming Hagedorn Fundraising events:

Waseca County (Waseca); March 28th –

Fundraiser; March 28th from 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm at the American Legion; 700 South State Street; Waseca, MN. $100 suggested contribution but any amount gratefully accepted. View flyer

Faribault County (Blue Earth); March 29th –

Fundraiser; March 29th from 5:15 – 7:30 pm at Hamilton Hall; 219 South Main Street; Blue Earth. View flyer

Jackson County (Jackson); March 31st –

Fundraiser; March 31st from 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm at Full Tilt Performance; 2041 Hwy 71; North Jackson, MN. $100 suggested contribution but any amount gratefully accepted. View flyer

Hagedorn vs. Walz


NRA Blasts Obama Supreme Court Nominee over 2nd Amendment:

If Hillary Clinton is elected she will nominate a replacement for Justice Scalia similar to Obama's choice of Judge Merrick Garland, and we will lose the Right to Keep and Bear Arms as an individual right. For those of us who care about the 2nd Amendment, we must elect a new Republican president to protect our basic God-given rights. Click to read news article.

Obamacare trips up Hillary Clinton and Tim Walz:

Check out this video from CNN’s Ohio Democratic Town Hall in which a woman informs Hillary Clinton that her family's Obamacare premiums have more than doubled. Clinton's ridiculous non-response: keep shopping!

HRC’s Obamacare mumbo-jumbo reminds us of this famous and embarrassing 2014 video of Tim Walz. Sadly, Walz continues to show no remorse for his Obamacare vote and the skyrocketing premiums and deductibles that are crushing southern Minnesota’s farmers, small businesses, veterans and middle-income employees.

Obama Blocks Southeast Atlantic Oil and Gas Drilling:

Same environmental extremism, different day, as this week President Obama formally blocked southeast Atlantic offshore oil and gas exploration. For more on this and my entire pro-U.S. energy views, click here.

Benghazi Four

Hillary Clinton Erroneously Claims No Americans Died in Libya:

Hillary Clinton’s abandonment of four fine Americans (pictured above) for 13 hours in Benghazi and falsely blaming their deaths on a video was immoral, but pretending those heroes did not make the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of their country is beyond callous.

Clinton’s war to topple Libya’s Col. Gaddafi – a war Tim Walz supported – has turned out to be a disaster that has led to regional destabilization, the expansion of ISIS, slaughter of Christians and loss of U.S. prestige. To view Clinton’s boast that no Americans were killed in Libya click here.

USA Today: VA Wait Times Still Manipulated:

Tim Walz is desperate to be viewed by voters as solving the VA problems he and President Obama created the past 8 years. I guess that’s why Tim missed this USA Today article highlighting how excessive wait times and other problems are still part of the VA’s culture.

Walz has failed, as veterans are worse off today than when he was first elected to Congress 10 years ago. Click here to review Walz’s failed record and my positive solutions to empower veterans to choose their own doctors and receive the timely, quality medical care they deserve.

Democrats Keep Throwing Money at Refugees to “Stop” Islamic Terrorism:

Liberals think throwing money at refugees will deter radical Islamic ideology. Tim Walz supported the migration of almost 1 million people from countries that hate America and now Minnesota and the USA have an Islamic terrorist recruiting problem. Click here to read more.

We need a "timeout" until our government figures out what's going on. See my Star-Tribune column here.


This week I will be attending the Freeborn, Steele, Rice, Waseca, Watonwan and Rock County Conventions, attending our grassroots fundraiser in Mapleton, making fundraising calls and engaging the media.

Martin Sabo


I was sorry to learn that former Minnesota Congressman Martin Sabo passed away. My father, Tom, served in Congress with Rep. Sabo, and while working on Capitol Hill in the 1980s I competed against the Minneapolis Democrat many times on the softball field. Congressman Sabo was a good third baseman and a nice guy who loved our Minnesota Twins and the game of baseball/softball.

Thanks for reading,

Jim Hagedorn
Republican Candidate for Congress
Minnesota’s First District