Hagedorn Weekly Report #4

BPOU Description

MAIN STREET CAMPAIGNING – Recently I began visiting Republican county organizations for their monthly BPOU meetings.  First on the schedule was Brown County (see picture).  I look forward to visiting with GOP leaders of all 21 counties in the coming weeks.

MEDIA Thanks to the Jackson County Pilot for reporting on our visit to Jackson (see article).  Our campaign will continue to work very hard to establish and maintain sound working relationships with newspaper, radio and television reporters.  We appreciate their coverage of the race for congress.

HAGEDORN - WALZ (ON THE ISSUES) – Various news organizations reported this past week that health care premiums and deductibles for many Minnesotans are projected to skyrocket (again) in 2016.  So we promptly posted this classic video on our campaign’s Facebook page to remind voters how Tim Walz promised that Obamacare would reduce health care premiums by $2,500 per year.

THIS WEEK – We will visit with Republicans, financial donors and continue to address the issues. On Saturday, June 13, I will be walking in Fairmont’s Interlaken Heritage Days Parade.  See www.facebook.com/ihdfairmont for more details.

Best wishes,

Jim Hagedorn