Hagedorn Weekly Report #37

Hagedorn - Farmers


This week our campaign continued to work behind the scenes to organize in each of the First District’s 21 counties. We are excited about the approaching Precinct Caucus on Tuesday, March 1st.  For more background information about the upcoming caucus please see: http://mngop.com/precinct-caucuses/

We are working hard to build unity for our race to defeat Tim Walz.  This week I traveled to Lakefield to meet with Jackson County Republican officials and also to Rochester to update a group of influential conservatives about our campaign. Both visits went well.

The highlight of the week was attending the MN Ag Expo 2016 in Mankato. I enjoyed shaking hands and discussing issues with farmers and agribusiness leaders (see pictures above). I introduced myself to each of the 50+ vendors and appreciated the chance to make new friends and learn more about Minnesota agriculture. I also filed this short video report on Facebook.

Barry Coates


The man pictured above is disabled U.S. Army veteran Barry Coates who sadly died of cancer this week. Mr. Coates has become the face of the gross incompetence and mistreatment of veterans by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

According to this CNN article (click here), Mr. Coates died at age 46 because a cancer that could have easily been detected with a routine exam grew and spread to the size of a baseball over 11 months of delays and inadequate care at VA facilities.

Tragically, the story of Barry Coates is repeated across the United States far too often. The Washington, D.C. politicians, bureaucrats and interest groups are at fault, and that includes my opponent, purported veterans advocate Tim Walz.

Veterans are worse off today than when Tim Walz was first elected to Congress in 2006.  Walz has failed to champion the bold solutions needed to give every veteran the chance to receive timely, quality medical care.

Here’s the Hagedorn bold and simple solution – Congress must enact legislation to give veterans complete medical care choice! We must empower every veteran to choose his/her own doctor and obtain timely, quality medical care from the institution of choice.

This is a critical issue for our nation and I will continue to stand for bold reform to help America’s veterans.

2016 Crystal Ball House ratings

Sabato Chart


Respected national political analyst Larry Sabato now rates Minnesota’s First District as one of only 21 congressional seats held by Democrats as potentially vulnerable to GOP takeover in 2016. (See Dr. Sabato’s Crystal Ball chart, above, or visit http://www.centerforpolitics.org/crystalball/ for more information).

This is a big positive development! To place this in perspective, Democrats now hold 188 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, so being part of a small group of 21 targeted races is huge. Note: during the 2012 and 2014 election cycles Dr. Sabato considered MN-CD1 as “Safe Democratic” (even though our 54-46% result in the 2014 election proved otherwise).

The close 2014 election result, our Main Street campaign’s continued hard work and Tim Walz’s mounting political vulnerabilities are being noticed. Thank you for all you are doing to help us make steady progress and be in position to finish the job in November.

Together, defeat liberal Walz, take back our country and we will restore America’s greatness!


Engaging the media and addressing issues promptly and straight-forwardly is an important part of our grassroots campaign. I enjoy interacting with the media and am comfortable addressing policy questions posed in open-ended interviews.

Jackson County Pilot (Jackson & Lakefield) –

Thanks to Editor Justin Lessman and the Jackson County Pilot for this news story reporting on my recent visit to Jackson and the race for Congress. In 2014, we defeated Walz in Jackson County, 53%-47%.

Hagedorn - Walz


2016 March for Life & Pro-Life Jim vs. Late-Term Tim:

Tens of thousands of pro-lifers marched in Washington, D.C. last week in spite of a looming major snow storm. A hearty “thank you” to all who attended the March for Life in D.C., St. Paul and other capitals across our country.

Many First District voters, including pro-life Democrats, remain unaware of Tim Walz’s radical abortion-on-demand record. During this campaign I will continue to boldly highlight the clear differences and advocate for the Right to Life for all Americans.

For more read my full Facebook post.

The Tim Walz record – Hagedorn’s solutions to grow our economy and reform government:

Check out this news story and my Facebook post outlining the massive deficit-spending of Obama administration and Tim Walz and my commonsense solutions to reconnect with free enterprise and limited government. The national debt has skyrocketed of $19 trillion threatens our economy and American way of life.

HRC in deep trouble for mishandling secret U.S. intelligence; yet, Tim Walz continues to endorse and campaign for Hillary:

According to Robert Gates, who served as Obama’s Secretary of Defense, it’s likely that Russia, China, Iran and other U.S. enemies accessed Hillary Clinton’s emails from her unsecured server stored in a Colorado bathroom.

For normal Americans, this is shocking news. But for Tim Walz, the likelihood that U.S. soldier and operative were murdered because former Secretary Clinton selfishly failed to protect U.S. intelligence is simply a political nuisance. In fact, Walz continues to endorse and actively campaign for HRC!

No matter the lives lost and laws broken – Tim’s still with Hill!  

Clinton continues to trail Republican candidates in Minnesota!

Check out this Minneapolis Star-Tribune article highlighting how Republican presidential candidates continue to lead Clinton in the North Star State. Note that Clinton is viewed especially unfavorably in southern Minnesota.


This week our campaign will continue to organize for the March 1st Precinct Caucus. I am also scheduled to attend Republican meetings across the First District and meet with financial contributors.

Thanks for reading,

Jim Hagedorn
Republican Candidate for Congress
Minnesota’s First District