Hagedorn Weekly Report #3

Twins Game

MAIN STREET CAMPAIGNING – We continue to methodically organize and build support.  This past week I attended several worthwhile events including the MNGOP’s Elephant Club luncheon in Minneapolis.  The guest speaker was former U.S. Senator Norm Coleman who documented how Obama-Clinton’s weak and naive foreign policy has hurt the Cause of Freedom and led to the exponential spread of radical Islam.

Keeping priorities in proper order…after Senator Coleman’s speech I hustled down to Target Field and joined my stepdad, Bob, for the Twins-Red Sox game (see picture).  Not only did our beloved Twins win 6-4, Bob also caught a foul ball!

MEDIA – Thanks to Justine Wettschreck, news director for Worthington’s KWOA radio, for having me on her “Talk of the Town” newsmaker program (click to listen).  During the 10-minute interview I highlighted several policy positions, including those related to Islamic jihad, the struggling U.S. economy and the need for federal regulatory reform.

HAGEDORN - WALZ (ON THE ISSUES) – Our campaign issued a press release condemning the “Waters of the United States” regulation issued by President Obama and his out-of-control EPA.  This rule usurps the authority of Congress and poses a direct threat to farmers, small business owners and our rural way of life.

In my view, the Democrat Party is setting-the-stage to wage a “War on Agriculture,” similar to their relentless attacks on coal and other industries.  To protect our economy and create high-paying jobs for working-Americans I support bold reform of the federal regulatory process, sun-setting statutes and regulations after 5 years and defunding the EPA’s ability to enforce extreme regulations.

THIS WEEK – Our campaign will make media and other campaign stops across the First District, meet with supporters and issue timely policy statements.

Thank you,

Jim Hagedorn