Hagedorn Weekly Report #25

Jim Hagedorn Speaking to Class


This past week I had the pleasure of visiting Truman and speaking with the teachers and students of St. Paul’s Lutheran School, my former grade school (see above picture).

I shared with students how growing up on my family’s Truman grain and livestock farm, attending an awesome parochial school and being part of a small farming community shaped my life and perspective.

Last week was anti-drug use awareness week at St. Paul’s, so I showed students a picture of my family with Ronald and Nancy Reagan (taken prior to a 1979 Mankato fundraiser for my Dad, see picture below) and informed them of Mrs. Reagan’s “Just Say No to Drugs” campaign. I encouraged students to follow the former First Lady’s advice and “just say no” because all too often illegal drug use leads to terrible consequences including jail, unemployment, broken relationships and even death.

Hagedorn - Reagan

Lastly, I made sure students understood that the rights guaranteed to them in the U.S. Constitution are “inalienable,” and that their rights do not come from powerful elected officials, or even the president, but are given to us directly from God.

The visit to St. Paul’s Lutheran was a thrill and brought back many awesome memories. Thanks to the Truman Tribune newspaper for attending the event and publishing this story (click to read).


Our campaign is scheduling several meet-and-greet and other types of fundraisers across the First District. The next two are set for:

November 16th – Whiskey River restaurant; St. Peter (5:30 pm – 7:30 pm)
Join us for an evening of exquisite light fare and cash drinks. Cost: $100 per person. See flyer for full details.

November 18th – George’s Fine Steaks and Spirits; New Ulm (5:15 pm – 8:00 pm)
Please join us for a fine steak dinner at George’s Fine Steaks and Spirits and hear from Jim Hagedorn and other GOP leaders. Cost: $100 per plate. See flyer for full details.

Please help our campaign build strong financial momentum by attending our fundraisers or contributing directly to the campaign today. To send contributions electronically click here. To contribute by check, please make checks out to Friends of Hagedorn and mail to: Friends of Hagedorn; 11 Civic Center Plaza, Suite 007; Mankato, MN 56001. Thank you!


Obama & Dems give 6,000 felons and drug dealers “Get Out of Jail Free” Cards:

I am completely opposed to the President’s lawless executive action to empty federal prisons of 6,000 felons. Many of these criminals are violent drug-dealers who have destroyed the lives of children and families. Our government is supposed to protect innocent citizens, not pine away for the lives of convicted thugs, most of whom have committed multiple felonies. Click to read.

Tim Walz failed the soldiers of Fort Hood (update):

November 5, 2015, marks the 6-year anniversary of the Islamic terrorist attack at the Fort Hood, Texas, U.S. Army Base. I issued this straight-forward Facebook post to voice my support for veterans and disgust for the way my opponent turned his back on the Fort Hood victims.

Walz vote against VA Accountability Act becomes political liability:

In July Tim Walz voted against a bill to enable the Department of Veterans affairs to expeditiously fire and demote rogue employees. Walz’s vote to defend the interests of federal government unions (who gave him over $50,000 in 2014 campaign loot) at the expense of veterans is looking worse-and-worse with every uncovered Obama VA scandal.

We issued this hard-hitting Facebook post to keep the pressure on Walz and remind voters of this unfortunate fact: America’s veterans are worse off today than when Tim Walz and Barack Obama were elected and sent to Washington, D.C.

Big spender Walz votes for yet another U.S. debt limit increase:

The U.S. national debt has skyrocketed to $18.5 trillion and is now larger than our nation’s annual gross domestic product! My opponent, who in 2006 chastised Republicans for excessive spending, has failed miserably on this issue. See more here.

Hagedorn supports work requirements for able-bodied welfare recipients:

Welfare dependency has exploded under Obama. The Democrats, including my opponent, gutted the successful Clinton-Gingrich welfare reform law. I strongly support reinstating work requirements for able-bodied recipients to move them toward self-sufficiency and private sector employment.

Hagedorn reacts to wasteful Pentagon gas station spending:

The federal government is a wasteful, bloated mess. It was reported this week that our government threw away $43 million of your money on a now defunct Afghan fueling station. To read my (3) commonsense solutions to reform government and increase efficiency click here.

More wasteful nation-building spending:

Check out this article detailing how Michelle Obama recently distributed $70 million of your money to “empower” Pakistani girls. Our government needs to stop nation-building and spending taxpayer money to “fix the world.” Given all of our country’s problems, needs and debt, it’s time to elect national leaders who will focus attention and resources on the U.S.


This week I am scheduled to attend GOP meetings, make fundraising calls and continue traveling the First District to meet voters and share my commonsense conservative solutions to restore America's greatness.

Thanks for reading,

Jim Hagedorn
Republican Candidate for Congress
Minnesota’s First District