Hagedorn Weekly Report #24

Trap Shooting Event


Our 2nd Amendment Saturday gun safety and trap shooting event in Eagle Lake was fun and a success. Thanks to host Mark FitzSimmons and certified NRA instructor Milan Hart for all their hospitality and expertise!

Thanks to publisher/editor Joe Steck and the Mankato Times (a thriving online newspaper) for covering our 2nd Amendment event and publishing this story.

Also this week, our campaign gathered for an informal meet-and-greet at the home of Milan and Elaine Hart in Albert Lea. We are working hard to organize at the grassroots level in all 21 of the First District’s counties. Thanks to the Harts and those who stopped by. We all enjoyed an excellent barbeque sandwich, homemade potato salad and spirited political conversation.

Our campaign has several meet-and-greet and other types of fundraisers in the works. The next one formally on the schedule is in New Ulm, November 18th.

November 18th – Steak Dinner at George's Fine Steaks and Spirits; New Ulm, MN. Please join us the evening of November 18th at George's Fine Steaks and Spirits in New Ulm and enjoy a fine steak dinner, beverages and hear from Jim Hagedorn and other GOP leaders. Cost: $100 per plate. See flyer for full details.

Please help our campaign build strong financial momentum by attending our fundraisers or contributing directly to the campaign today. To send contributions electronically click here. To contribute by check, please make checks out to Friends of Hagedorn and mail to 11 Civic Center Plaza, Suite 007; Mankato, MN 56001. Thank you so very much

Hoops Fest


Our campaign had a great week meeting people across the First District. I especially enjoyed attending the Minnesota State University, Mankato, Hoops Fest. It was fun shaking hands with many southern Minnesota business leaders and NCAA Basketball fans. Pictured with me are Bron Scherer, Paul FitzSimmons and Tania Cordes.


“Trillion Dollar Tim” Walz votes (again) to increase the debt limit.

Today I issued this Facebook post pointing out that during Tim Walz’s 9 years in DC the national debt has exploded by an average of one trillion dollars per year. That’s a pretty disastrous and irresponsible record, especially for a man whose initial 2006 campaign for Congress ran ads criticizing Republicans for increasing the national debt.

Walz(do)’s Obamacare vote is crushing hard-working southern Minnesotans.

As I campaign across the First District average southern Minnesotans are informing me of devastating 2016 Obamacare premium and deductible increases. Some families are facing premium and deductible costs of more than $25,000 per year. The situation is forcing many to the financial brink.

The unfolding Obamacare debacle reminds us of the primary reason southern Minnesotans have such a difficult time locating Walz(do) in the First District – the man lacks the class and courage to look hard-working constituents in the eyes and apologize for voting to make health insurance unaffordable.

MNsure Rate Hike GraphMinnesota has an Islamic-terrorist recruiting problem (continued):

Another story printed in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune further demonstrates how current refugee programs are broken. (Click to read)

Tim Walz and I disagree on this issue. Tim' is an open borders liberal who thinks we should transfer 200,000 more refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other predominately Muslim nations to the United States over the next 24 months. By contrast, I believe Congress should pass legislation to suspend further refugee transfers, indefinitely.


This week I am scheduled to speak to students of Truman’s St. Paul’s Lutheran School (where I attended grade school), attend GOP meetings, make fundraising calls and continue traveling the First District meeting voters.

Thanks for reading,

Jim Hagedorn