Hagedorn Weekly Report #23

Jim and David on Combine


This past week I reconnected with my southern Minnesota farm roots by harvesting corn in rural Blue Earth County with friends and supporters David Trio (see above picture) and his mother Vera. As can be observed from this short video shot from the cab of David's combine, modern agricultural machinery helps America’s farmers work the land with incredible efficiency.

One of the primary reasons I am running for Congress is to sustain U.S. agriculture and preserve our rural way of life. In my view, agriculture is a national security issue. Think about the problems our nation would encounter if we were forced to import food, similar to the way we import crude oil. In all likelihood, the quality and availability of our food would be lower and the price far higher. We are blessed to have farmers and an agricultural industry devoted to keeping us fed at reasonable cost.

My father, grandfather and great-grandfather were all southern Minnesota farmers in the Blue Earth and Truman areas. I was fortunate to grow up on our family’s grain and livestock farm near Truman. Those formable years helped me develop a working appreciation and understanding of farming and the critical economic and social connections between agribusiness and rural communities.


We are working with supporters to set up meet-and-greet fundraisers across southern Minnesota to build and energize support and raise campaign funds from everyday residents. Two new grassroots meet-and-greet fundraisers are set up for:

October 24th - 2nd Amendment Saturday; Eagle Lake, MN. Please attend and earn your concealed carry permit certificate and/or informal trap shooting competition at the farm of Mark FitzSimmons. The cost is $100 per person and also includes food and refreshments. Click here for more details.

October 27th – Meet-and-Greet at the home of Milan & Elaine Hart; Albert Lea, MN. Meet Jim Hagedorn in an informal setting and enjoy a pulled pork dinner and beverages. Suggested contribution is $50 (but any amount will be gratefully accepted). The event begins at 5:30 pm. For full details read the flyer.

Please help our campaign build strong financial momentum by attending these fundraisers or contributing directly to our campaign today. To contribute electronically click here. To give by check, please make checks out to Friends of Hagedorn and mail to 11 Civic Center Plaza, Suite 007; Mankato, MN 56001. Thank you so very much!


What difference, at this point, does it make?

Today I issued this commentary on why the Benghazi, Libya scandal matters.  Tim Walz turned his back on the two Navy Seal veterans who were slaughtered at Benghazi, and he did so to defend the political leaders of the Democrat Party.

Democrat demagoguery on Minnesota's refugee crisis:

We issued this Facebook post to hammer Governor Dayton for encouraging Minnesotans to, essentially, “get the hell out of Minnesota” if they have concerns with the refugee crisis that he, President Obama and other liberals like Tim Walz have inflicted upon our nation and state.

In my opinion, the serious terrorism, assimilation and welfare problems Minnesota has experienced with East African refugees should serve as a national wake-up call for Congress to suspend future transfers of refugees to the United States.

By contrast, Tim Walz supports the continued migration of hundreds of thousands of predominately Muslim refugees from anti-American and anti-western nations to the U.S. and Minnesota. Walz’s ultra-liberal positions on refugee and amnesty issues are grossly at odds with the views and beliefs of the vast majority of First District residents.

Jim, David and Vera
Family farmers deserve a new Congressman who will vote to end the death tax:

This Facebook post (and casual video shot while combining corn this past week) helps us understand the importance of family farming.

Tim Walz has repeatedly voted to sustain the estate “death tax” that far too often forces families to sell farms and small businesses to pay draconian federal taxes. When generational farmers are artificially forced out of farming our small rural communities and rural way of life are weakened.

Walz's pro-death tax position is in conflict with neighboring DFL Congressman Collin Peterson, 7th-MN, who has voted with Republicans for repeal. Walz is simply out-of-step with his rural congressional colleagues and southern Minnesota's farmers. When elected to Congress I will join Democratic and Republican Members of Congress to vote to end the estate tax.


This week I am scheduled to attend MSU’s Hoops Fest, participate in the Friends of Hagedorn 2nd Amendment Saturday, attend our fundraiser in Albert Lea and travel the district meeting southern Minnesotans on Main Street.

Thanks for reading,

Jim Hagedorn