Hagedorn Weekly Report #20


Hagedorn Calls for Time-Out on Refugee Transfers to U.S.

My column calling for a “time-out” on new refugee and asylum transfers to the United States was published in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune this past week. To read my commentary click here.

My bold policy is based upon the terrorism and assimilation problems Minnesota is experiencing, mostly with East African Muslim refugees. Minnesota’s Islamic terrorist-recruiting problem should serve as a national wake-up call for Congress to suspend future transfers and revise refugee/asylum programs as appropriate.

Southern Minnesotans overwhelmingly support this position, as do most Americans. Meanwhile, the response from radical Democrats has been predictable – calling me all sorts of names, but failing to address the issue, the facts or my ideas.

The policy of blocking future refugees is not politically correct. But, political correctness will never guide policies or votes on the House floor. At this critical time in our nation’s history we need national leaders willing to stand up the liberal political and media establishments and solve America’s problems in straight-forward, commonsense terms.

The primary responsibility of every federal office-holder is to defend the United States and protect the American people. Unlike Tim Walz, who for 10 years has never acknowledged or dealt with the threat of radical Islam, I will always place the needs of you and our country first.

Mankato Supporters


We continue to travel the First District to engage in the retail, insurgent-challenger campaigning that helped us in 2014. Though outspent 6-to-1, we built high name identification and far out-paced expectations by earning 46% of the vote.

In order to finish the job in 2016 and defeat liberal Tim Walz, we need to narrow incumbent's money advantage, which is funded by radical special interest groups like Planned Parenthood, Twin Cities leftists, DC insiders, gay activists and government unions.

Our campaign is organizing and building grass roots support in each of the First District’s 21 counties. Part of our work involves holding meet-and-greet fundraisers with average everyday residents, business leaders, farmers, blue-collar workers and others.

This past week I enjoyed meeting supporters at a Mankato fundraiser. Thanks to Mankato business leaders Richard and Darlene Lundin and Dan and Mary Robinson (see above picture) for introducing me to their friends. If you would like to hold a meet-and-greet at your house or business please email the campaign at info@jimhagedorn.org. And please contribute to our campaign to help us inform voters of Tim Walz’s failed liberal record.


Did the Obama administration turn a blind-eye to child rape in Afghanistan?:

Our campaign issued this Facebook post highlighting the case of Green Beret Charles Martland. Sergeant Martland was recently discharged by the U.S. Army for “body slamming” an Afghan police officer who, according to Sergeant Martland, had repeatedly engaged in child rape on a U.S. military base in Afghanistan.

I am willing to give our decorated Green Beret the benefit of the doubt and support Sergeant Martland’s reinstatement with back pay. If the allegations of child rape are found to be true, the Green Beret deserves a medal!

Make sure your friends know Tim Walz has endorsed HRC for President!:

National Democrats are increasingly distancing themselves from Hillary Clinton. But Hillary’s political problems, and what appears to be felony criminal behavior, did not deter establishment Democrat Tim Walz from endorsing the former SOS for president. Click to read.

Walz votes for infanticide:

Other than Tim Walz, who in southern Minnesota believes that a baby who survives an abortion, with a beating heart, should be denied medical treatment and left to die? Walz’s multiple extremist pro-abortion votes are out-of-step and out-of-touch and will prompt voters to kick him out-of-office November 2016.  See our press statement for more.


This week I will visit several farms and discuss agricultural issues with local farmers, meet with Le Sueur County GOP leaders, begin a media swing to discuss my policies to defend the United States from the threat of radical Islam, make fundraising visits across the First District and engage liberal Tim Walz on the issues.

Thanks for reading,

Jim Hagedorn