Hagedorn Weekly Report #17


Godahl Day Parade

On Labor Day I had a great time shaking hands and meeting voters at the 60th annual Godahl Day parade (see above picture). Our campaign enjoyed great support and encouragement from local residents and it was fun walking the parade with popular GOP State Representative Paul Torkelson, the Brown County Republican Party and the Watonwan County GOP (see below picture)

Godahl Day Parade

Also this week, agricultural entrepreneurs Brad and Meg Freking sponsored a meet-and-greet fundraising event on their Alpha farm that enabled me to visit with more than 50 Jackson County supporters (see below picture). My remarks centered upon the need to make bold change in Washington, D.C. by wrestling power from the national politicians, bureaucrats and interest groups and returning authority to the states and American people.

Meet & Greet

The Jackson County event was the first of many our campaign plans to hold in each of the First District’s 21 counties. We will continue working hard to meet as many southern Minnesotans as feasible, raise the funds necessary to wage a competitive campaign and build the grass roots support needed to finish the job and defeat liberal Tim Walz in 2016.


The U.S. Economy:

On Labor Day I encouraged Facebook followers to view the current state of the economy as displayed by www.usdebtclock.org. In the Facebook post I highlighted the struggles of working-Americans, especially the lack of high-wage manufacturing jobs, stagnant incomes and higher basic costs-of-living.  I also outlined the pro-growth free enterprise policies I will champion in Congress to unleash the U.S. economy.

The 2nd Amendment:

Our campaign posted on Facebook and criticized Democrat politicians like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton who called for new gun control laws mere nanoseconds after the tragic shooting and murder of a Virginia reporter and cameraman (see Facebook post).

Liberals need to understand that evil exists in this world. I wholeheartedly reject the call for new gun control laws against law-abiding Americans. Instead, federal, state and local governments must vigilantly prosecute and incarcerate felons, who perpetrate roughly 85% of all new felonies. It is time to return to the rule of law and protect the American people.


We are working hard to meet with residents of the First District and raise the funds needed to finish the job and defeat Tim Walz in 2016. One of the reasons I entered the race in May was to continue the momentum of our 2014 campaign and get a head start on fundraising.

Our issue-based campaign has strong name identification, an excellent organization, a growing number of passionate volunteers and valuable media, debate and general election experience - things that help us level the playing field with incumbent Walz.

But we need your support to grow our campaign and raise the funds needed to deliver our winning conservative message and undress Walz as the liberal that he is.

Let’s be frank, Congressman Walz snaps his fingers and receives $5,000 and $10,000 contributions from corporate lobbyists, Planned Parenthood, federal government unions, gay activists and Twin Cities leftists. In the Walz campaign’s latest FEC report, more than 95% of “Twin Cities Tim’s” big donor contributions were from outside the First District, most from Minneapolis and St. Paul.

By contrast, the frugal Hagedorn campaign must earn the support and generosity of mostly First District residents and likeminded conservative friends.  We rely on southern Minnesota’s family farmers, small business owners, conservative activists and hard-working average, everyday residents to fund our campaign and help us build a sizable war chest. The time to build our campaign is now and in all honesty, we need every last $10, $25, $50, $100 or larger contribution to offset the big money Walz receives from his left-wing cronies.

Please support our campaign and for those who have already pitched in – you have our sincere thanks!


This week I am scheduled to walk in the Hesper-Mabel Steam Engine Days parade and Mantorville’s Marigold Days parade, attend the Blue Earth County GOP picnic, speak at the Brown County Republican Fun Raiser, meet with Rochester conservatives, make fundraising calls and watch our Minnesota Vikings crush the San Francisco 49ers on Monday Night Football.

Thanks for reading,

Jim Hagedorn