Hagedorn Weekly Report #16


This past Sunday I attended the Minnesota State Fair and visited with fairgoers who stopped by the Republican Party booth.  The fair was absolutely jammed and it was a fun experience.  Thanks to the many First District Republicans for volunteering their time on Sunday. As can be seen from this picture, even President Ronald Reagan lent a bit of a helping hand!


For me, the best part of attending fairs is to walk the barns and meet 4-H’ers and their animals. At the State Fair I met up with Cottonwood County resident Katelyn who introduced me to her younger sister’s prized Milking Shorthorn, Maybella. Katelyn and I talked about how important family farming and agriculture are to rural southern Minnesota and especially our smaller communities. I was happy to learn that Katelyn has been accepted to the University of Minnesota’s Agriculture School and intends to become a “large animal” veterinarian.

Young Woman with Cow

Also this week, I attended the Olmsted County GOP summer picnic in Rochester. It was an honor to campaign with nephew Justin who was visiting from out of town. Thanks to all involved, including Olmsted County GOP Chairman Aaron Miller, for their hospitality.

Olmsted County GOP


We Found Walz(do)!:

Three-fourths of the way through Congress’ 40-day summer recess and Tim Walz still could not be found engaging constituents at town hall meetings or any of the First District’s 21 county fairs. 

But our campaign did find “Twin Cities Tim” Walz(do), where else but in the Twin Cities! (See campaign press release). Thursday night, Walz attended a lavish fundraiser with radical Minneapolis Rep. Keith Ellison and left-wing Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (see photo).

Twin Cities Tim

On Friday Walz attended the DNC’s national meeting in Minneapolis, during which he announced his endorsement of beleaguered candidate Hillary Clinton for President, and was within an earshot as the Democrat Party formally passed a resolution of support for the radical Black Lives Matter group. Just one day later, Black Lives Matter protesters gained negative national attention by disrupting the Minnesota State Fair and chanting “Pigs in a blanket…fry ‘em like bacon.”

The southern Minnesotans that I talk with are appalled by the disrespectful, and in some cases, hateful attitude of Black Lives Matter toward law enforcement officers. Tim Walz should demand that the Democrat Party rescind its endorsement of Black Lives Matter and he should unequivocally condemn the group and their destructive antics that threaten societal law and order and the safety of law enforcement officers who risk their lives to protect and serve our communities.


We are working hard to meet with residents of the First District and raise the funds needed to finish the job and defeat Tim Walz in 2016. One of the reasons I entered the race in May was to continue the momentum of our 2014 campaign and get a head start on fundraising.

Our issue-based campaign has strong name identification, an excellent organization, a growing number of passionate volunteers and valuable media, debate and general election experience - things that help us level the playing field with incumbent Walz.

But we need your support to help us grow our campaign and raise the funds needed to deliver our winning conservative message and expose Walz as the liberal he is.

Let’s be frank, Congressman Walz snaps his fingers and receives $5,000 and $10,000 contributions from corporate lobbyists, Planned Parenthood, federal government unions, gay activists and Twin Cities leftists. In the Walz campaign’s latest FEC report, more than 95% of “Twin Cities Tim’s” big donor contributions were from outside the First District, most from Minneapolis and St. Paul.

By contrast, the frugal and hardworking Hagedorn campaign must earn the support and generosity of mostly First District residents and likeminded conservative friends.  We rely on southern Minnesota’s family farmers, small business owners, conservative activists and hard-working average, everyday residents to fund our campaign and help us build a sizable war chest. The time to build our campaign is now and in all honesty, we need every last $10, $25, $50, $100 or larger contribution to offset the big money Walz receives from his left-wing cronies.

Please support our campaign and for those who have already pitched in – you have our sincere thanks!


This week I am scheduled to attend Godahl’s 60th Labor Day celebration and walk the parade with Watonwan and Brown County Republicans.  I will also continue to meet with contributors and, as warranted, craft press statements on the key issues of the day.

Thanks for reading,

Jim Hagedorn