Hagedorn Weekly Report #13

Kasson Parade


We had a strong week of Main Street campaigning across the First District.  I attended the Nicollet County Fair in St. Peter and the Freeborn County Fair in Albert Lea.  Both fairs were fun and I enjoyed visiting with residents and loyal GOP volunteers.

We had a great time walking Kasson’s Festival in the Park parade with Dodge County Republicans (see photo above). I shook hands with hundreds of parade goers and gained the views of many residents on a host of issues. Thanks to all the Dodge County volunteers and GOP dignitaries who walked the parade, including State Senator Dave Senjem, State Representative Duane Quam, Dodge County Chair Mark Hansen and Fillmore County Chair Gary Steuart.

Wednesday I attended the IDEAg Minnesota Farmfest event in Morgan, MN.  Most of this year’s political talk focused on the EPA’s new “Waters of the United States” rule. Virtually every farmer and major AG group considers the rule as an illegal and unnecessary Obama power grab.  I believe the new EPA regulation poses a direct threat to modern agriculture, property rights, small business and our rural way of life.

It was a pleasure to meet and visit with National Farm Bureau President Bob Stallman (see photo below). President Stallman and I discussed my support for H.R. 427, a bill to reform the federal regulatory process and enable Congress to block unwanted EPA and other regulations.  By the way, EPA lover Tim Walz voted against H.R. 427 just last month! (See Roll Call vote 482) I support every possible avenue to defeat Obama’s out-of-control EPA and block the “waters” rule, including defunding EPA implementation.


Where’s Walz(do)?:

Our campaign issued a press release comparing Tim Walz to the storybook character Waldo. Our Where’s Waldo? release took Tim to task for avoiding his constituents. I encouraged the congressman to hold a series of town hall meeting to gain the views of his constituents and also visit important civic events like the First District’s 21 county fairs. 

Finding Waldo in the below photo is pretty easy. Finding Walz(do) at any of the First District’s 13 completed county fairs...impossible!

Wheres Walz(do)?
Walz Supports Obama’s Iran Deal:

To the surprise of no one Tim Walz announced that he would vote for Barack Obama’s dismal nuclear deal with Iran. I announced my opposition in this July 15 press release. Our campaign utilized Facebook to point out that liberal Walz decided to vote for the pact even before reading critical side agreements between the UN’s IAEA and terrorist Iran.

Planned Parenthood (Video 5):

We used our campaign’s Facebook page to post a news report on the latest investigative video detailing Planned Parenthood’s grotesque abortion procedures and the harvesting of baby organs for profit.  We again call upon abortion-on-demand Walz to return the $29,000 he has taken from Planned Parenthood.


Rochester Post-Bulletin: Thanks to reporter Heather Carlson for this news story on our Where’s Walz(do) press release and Tim Walz’s refusal to hold town hall meeting and address the concerns of First District residents during the August recess. Ms. Carlson reports that House members have conducted about 1,700 town hall meetings in 2015. Meanwhile, Tim Walz has held zero.

Faribault Daily News: Thanks to influential Faribault resident and former GOP legislative candidate Otto Luknic for this pro-Hagedorn letter-to-the-editor published in the Faribault Daily News.


This week I am scheduled to attend the Freeborn County GOP Picnic, visit the Nobles, Brown and Mower County Fairs, meet voters at the Wells Kernal Days celebration, make fundraising calls and continue to engage Tim Walz on the issues.

With appreciation,

Jim Hagedorn