Hagedorn Weekly Report #10

Lemonade Stand

MAIN STREET CAMPAIGNING – We continue to campaign full time, crisscrossing southern Minnesota and shaking hands with voters at parades, county fairs and GOP events.

This past week I attended the Watonwan County Fair, walked in several parades - including those in New Ulm, Minnesota Lake, Elmore and Welcome – attended Fillmore County’s GOP picnic in Lanesboro and met with Olmsted County GOPers in Rochester.

During the Welcome Days Parade I left the route to purchase lemonade from industrious entrepreneurs (see photo above). Yes, I proudly support small business!

At the Watonwan County Fair I had the opportunity to meet a couple young aspiring farmers and their prized goat (see picture below).

4-H with their animals


Gun Free Zones on Military Bases: Our campaign issued a press release condemning Tim Walz for his gun control position of Gun Free Zones on military bases.  

During Walz’s almost 10 years in Congress scores of defenseless service men and women have been murdered and wounded at Fort Hood (twice), Washington’s Navy Yard, Chattanooga, Tennessee and other military installations. Given the threat of Islamic terrorism and the targeting of U.S. military personnel by jihadists, Congress must take action to enable our soldiers to Keep and Bear Arms and defend themselves.

Walz Deserts Veterans: The Hagedorn campaign issued yet another press release, this one chastising Tim Walz for voting against veterans.

Walz voted “no” on a bill (the “VA Accountability Act of 2015) to enable Obama’s dysfunctional Department of Veterans Affairs to more readily fire and demote incompetent employees. In essence, Walz deserted veterans to fight for VA bureaucrats and promote the interests of a big federal government union that has contributed more than $14,000 to his campaign. 

Once again, Tim Walz’s support of veterans ends at the point Democrat politics begins.

Meanwhile, a pro-veterans group is ratcheting up pressure on Tim Walz and other members of congress to vote for the VA Accountability Act (Click here to view YouTube video).

Iran Nuclear Deal: Our press statement outlining my opposition to President Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran has been well received.  By contrast, Tim Walz’s mealy mouthed official statement that failed to take a position on the Iran deal illustrates the 5-term congressman’s deceptive behavior and unwillingness to offer constituents straight-forward positions on the issues.  

In the end, Walz will assuredly vote for the Iran deal and, as always, support President Obama’s failed and destabilizing Middle East and North Africa foreign policy.


Rochester Post-Bulletin: The Post-Bulletin ran a solid story on 1st and 2nd District congressional fundraising. Click to read Hagedorn Steps Up Fundraising.

THIS WEEK – I will be attending county fairs, walking in parades, raising money and challenging Tim Walz on the issues.

Best wishes,

Jim Hagedorn