Hagedorn Weekly Report #1

One week ago I announced my 2016 bid for U.S. Congress in Minnesota's First District.  Below is a brief report to keep you informed of our progress.

MAIN STREET CAMPAIGNING – It didn’t take long for our campaign to get back in the retail politics groove.  Sunday afternoon we were out shaking hands and meeting the voters of Hanska.  We had fun walking the Hanska Days Parade and visiting with Brown County residents (see picture).  I enjoy traveling the First District and will work hard to continue to build name recognition and earn support and votes.

MEDIA – The launch of our 2016 campaign went well and received positive media coverage.  Our strategy to build from the successes and experiences of our previous race against Walz was reported across the First District.  Attached are two newspaper stories from the Rochester Post-Bulletin and Mankato Free Press and two television reports from KEYC (Mankato) and KAAL (Rochester-Austin).

WALZ – HAGEDORN (ON THE ISSUES) – This past week was no different than any other, as Tim Walz continued to misrepresent his constituents by casting extremist votes on the House floor and advocate liberal policy positions on key issues.  On my campaign’s Facebook page I offered contrasting views and took Walz to task for his support of Dayton’s gas tax and his horrendous vote to sanction late-term abortions.

NEXT WEEK – Early this week I will be Main Street campaigning in cities on the western side of CD-1 (Fairmont, Jackson, Worthington, Windom and New Ulm) and making media stops and fundraising visits.  Our schedule for later in the week and over the weekend is still being finalized.

Have a great week and restful Memorial Day weekend!

Jim Hagedorn