HAGEDORN: “We found Walz(do)!”

September 2, 2015 | Press Release

HAGEDORN: “We found Walz(do)!”
“Twin Cities Tim” found where else but the Twin Cities!

After a month of near complete absence from First District voters during the August congressional recess, Tim Walz has been found in the Twin Cities, Republican candidate Jim Hagedorn reported today.

“We finally found Tim Walz(do),” said Hagedorn. “This past week, instead of listening to the concerns of First District voters, Walz was in the Twin Cities attending a lavish fundraiser with Twin Cities radical Keith Ellison, rubbing elbows with liberal Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, endorsing Hillary Clinton for President, and attending a Democratic convention that made national news by passing a controversial resolution supporting the racially-divisive group Black Lives Matter.”

Using the mythical children’s character “Waldo,” Hagedorn has repeatedly asked “Where’s Walz(do)?” as Walz avoided holding any town halls or attending a single county fair during the 40-day Congressional recess.

“When Tim Walz ran for Congress 10 years ago, his campaign slogan was ‘He’s one of us,’” said Hagedorn. “It has become obvious that as ‘Twin Cities Tim’ Walz has spent increasing amounts of time with Minneapolis and St. Paul liberals and D.C. elitists instead of listening to the concerns of First District voters, he has become ‘one of them’ instead of ‘one of us’.”

In particular, Hagedorn cited Walz’s hypocrisy in supporting the Black Lives Matter group. “Congressman Walz continually touts his ‘bi-partisan tone’ as the reason he should be sent to Washington. And yet he has said nothing to condemn a group of protesters who were chanting ‘Pigs in a blanket…fry ‘em like bacon’ while they disrupted the Minnesota State Fair this weekend. First District voters find such incendiary language a threat to law-and-order and the law enforcement officers who risk their lives to protect and serve our communities and if Tim Walz spent more time with them and was truly ‘one of us,’ he would also be appalled.”

Hagedorn spoke of how refreshing and reinvigorating it is to meet with voters across the First District from the Minnesota-Wisconsin border all the way to South Dakota – visiting all 21 county fairs and engaging voters during numerous parades and community events this summer.  “Meeting with voters of all ages and backgrounds keeps me rooted in the commonsense values of rural Minnesota,” Hagedorn stated. “It is a constant reminder of how good people and average citizens are affected every day by a federal government that’s grown far too large, intrusive and burdensome, and by politicians who have forgotten who they were, and who it is they are elected to represent.”