Hagedorn - Walz debate in Winona (UpTake video replay)

By Michael McIntee, The Uptake -

Rep. Tim Walz (DFL) and his Republican opponent Jim Hagedorn debate for the second night in a row — this time in Winona in a League of Women Voters’ event.

Monday night the two clashed on the role of the federal government, healthcare, and many other issues in an 80 minute debate in Mankato. Many of the same themes were discussed in Tuesday’s debate in Winona.

The two also squared off against each other in 2014. Walz won that election by about 20,000 votes, 54.2% to 45.7%. Walz has been Minnesota’s First District Congressman since winning an upset election in 2006. Since then Walz has won re-election four times — by an average of 13.5 percentage points.