Hagedorn talks terror

By Adam Sallet, KIMT - ROCHESTER, Minn. – As authorities try and hammer out the details on why the deadly Orlando shooting took place, local people are talking about radical Islam.

First District Congressional Candidate Jim Hagedorn (R) traveled to Rochester on Wednesday about radical Islam. In his opinion, our country is at war with Islamic supremacists and that there be a timeout for the refuge program so they can take a deeper look into it. He says the U.S. needs to stop importing enemy combatants from countries that hate the United States.

The campaign of incumbent Congressman Tim Walz (D) issued the following statement on the issue.

“Tim Walz is the highest ranking enlisted soldier in Congress and is as committed to our national security now as he was during his days in the National Guard. In the latest defense bill, Tim Walz stopped the draw-down of Army troops, demanded accountability on our national security strategy and worked to expand the authority of U.S. commanders in Afghanistan to track down and take out terrorists. Mr. Walz looks forward to a vigorous debate about how to best keep America safe in the fall with whoever wins the Republican primary.”