Hagedorn's Views on Brussels Attack

Jim Hagedorn

First District Republican Candidate Jim Hagedorn issued the following statement concerning today's brutal Islamic terrorism attacks in Brussels:

Today's events in Brussels, like previous attacks in Paris, San Bernardino and countless other cities, demonstrate that followers of radical Islamic religious ideology will do anything to punish and destroy the West. It is also clear that a subset of refugees and migrants from countries and cultures that hate America and the West pose a constant threat. Tim Walz may find my assessment as "un-Minnesotan" or anti-Muslim, but it's the truth.

Our federal government's failure to secure America's borders, fix a broken Visa/passport system and curtail the massive transfer of people from nations that hate Christians and Westerners has made us vulnerable to Islamic terrorism.

Moreover, President Obama's weak and failed foreign policy undermined and toppled pro-west or neutral governments in the Middle East. Obama's incompetent destabilization of Iraq, Egypt and Libya, especially, led to the rise of ISIS and other radical Islam groups, the slaughter of Christians and a refugee crisis that has engulfed Europe.

Tim Walz wrongly supported President Obama's (and Hillary Clinton's) Middle East foreign policy and Obama's open borders, amnesty and massive migration lawlessness. During his 10 years in Congress Walz has not done his job to protect the American people.

The USA and Minnesota already have a terrorist-recruiting problem from existing East African and other refugees. As I have called for since last September, we must take a refugee program "timeout" until our government can figure out what's going on. For more on my call for a refugee program "timeout" click here.

We also must secure our borders, implement a biometric entry/exit Visa system, deport those who have overstayed Visas and reconnect with a foreign and military policy of Peace through Strength.

The first responsibility of a Member of Congress is to defend the United States and protect the American people. I will do just that.

Jim Hagedorn
March 22, 2016