Hagedorn's Plan For VA Reform Would Include Providing Veterans A Choice

By Shawn Loging, KEYC - MANKATO, Minn. - Republican Candidate for Congress, Jim Hagedorn, said if he's elected, one of his priorities will be enabling veterans to choose their own doctors and medical care.

Hagedorn is running against Democratic Congressman Tim Walz in Minnesota's First District.

Hagedorn said the Veterans Affairs system isn't working for veterans.

Hagedorn said, "We've seen that the VA is a dysfunctional, bloated, bureaucratic mess. It's not delivering the benefits our veterans deserve and have been promised, and we've had long wait lines. We've had people having to drive long distances; receiving inferior care."

Hagedorn said he supports several reforms including a demoting or firing VA employee who abuses a veteran.

Also, the choice to receive care at other places than a VA facilities.