Hagedorn Prepares For November

By Ryan Gustafson, KEYC - The RNC has come and gone, and with Trump now officially atop the Republican ticket, the game plan is set, both for his opponents, and for Republicans down ticket. 

The RNC is over, and Republican candidates now know what they'll have to work with as they take on their Democratic opponents.
Republican House candidate Jim Hagedorn says, "The people that support Donald Trump see that. They see that we need to make a big change in Washington, turn the place upside down. Take the power from Washington D.C., the bureaucrats, the politicians, the interest groups - send it back to the states and the people."

With Trump in tow, Hagedorn has been able increase the size of his war chest compared to the last time he ran against Representative Tim Walz.

Hagedorn says, "We've been out doing the retail campaigning. It gets overlooked. We're at all the parades, the fairs, on main streets shaking hands. I'll shake 100,000 hands throughout this campaign."

So we head to the general. Hagedorn is still behind Walz significantly, but he's expecting a big picture election.

Hagedorn says, "This is a national election that's going to be decided on very big issues and we saw that last night. The issues Trump brought up are what

I've been campaigning on for the past three years against Congressmen Walz. It's about defending our country, securing our borders, protecting the American people from Islamic supremacists. It's about unleashing the U.S. economy and creating high wage jobs."