Hagedorn Plan to Secure America's Borders


I stand for bold policy solutions to secure America's borders, protect the American people from illegal immigration and reconnect our nation with rule of law.

My border security reforms, which I have advocated for many years, are in line with the approach undertaken by Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump. As a Member of Congress, I will work cooperatively with Mr. Trump to solve this problem, once and for all!

My politically correct opponent, 10 year incumbent Democrat Tim Walz, has only made things worse by voting for open borders, Obama's amnesty for illegal aliens, sanctuary cities and other lawlessness.

Walz has either ignored this critical issue or coddled foreign governments and foreigners who violate U.S. immigration, labor, tax, welfare and identify theft laws.

Unlike my ultra liberal opponent, I will put the good of the United States and American citizens first.

If elected to serve you in Congress I will work to defend America and end illegal immigration by promoting the following commonsense policies:


- Secure America's borders by building a physical wall and use high-tech security methods when appropriate to ensure that deported illegal aliens will not renter the United States and new trespassing attempts will fail.

- Immediately deport illegal aliens convicted of committing crimes in the United States.

- Implement a biometric entry/exit Visa and passport system to accurately track visits of temporary visitors to the U.S. and deport overstayers, focusing primary attention deporting overstayers from terrorist nations.

- Create a long overdue work program to fill legitimately needed agricultural and other jobs in the U.S. and enable participants to earn credits towards permanent residency and/or travel freely to and from home nations.

- End so called birthright citizenship, block federal funds to sanctuary cities and stop all welfare and Obamacare benefits to illegal aliens.

- Enact Kate's Law to impose mandatory prison sentences upon any illegal alien, previously convicted of a felony and deported, who is apprehended inside the United States.

- Require all illegal aliens currently residing in the United States to register with the U.S. government as a condition of temporary status. However, all illegal aliens must return to home nations prior to petitioning for permanent residency in the United States.

To read about Jim Hagedorn's plan to implement a "Refugee Program Timeout" and guard against migration from Islamic supremacists, see: