July 15, 2015 | Press Release


Blue Earth, MN – Republican First District congressional candidate Jim Hagedorn released the following statement concerning President Obama’s announcement of a nuclear agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran:

"The Obama administration has penned a nuclear accord with the Islamic Republic of Iran, which remains a deceitful state-sponsor of terrorism and mortal enemy of the United States, Israel and world peace for 36 years, and counting.

President Obama’s deal represents an exclamation point to Jimmy Carter’s disastrous abandonment of the Shah; in 1979 Carter enabled the rise to power of Iran’s Islamic dictatorship and now Obama is reestablishing the rogue regime’s supremacy.

I oppose the Iran agreement because it: 1) creates a pathway for Iran to develop a nuclear weapon and long-range ballistic missiles; 2) enhances Iran’s status as the military and ideological power-broker of the Middle East and North Africa; 3) leads to the removal of international sanctions and delivers up to $150 billion in immediate capital to the regime; 4) locks-in the dominance of Iran’s dictatorship over the freedom-seeking Iranian people; and 5) fails to secure the release of Americans held captive by Iran’s Mullahs.

Congress should reject President Obama’s deal with Iran.

Going forward, I believe the United States must reinstate President Reagan’s military and foreign policy of ‘Peace through Strength.’  As it applies to Iran, such a strategy would maintain severe economic sanctions, block Iran from acquiring new weaponry, create a Radio & Internet Free Iran and aid Iranian freedom fighters.

After 36 years of radical Islamic servitude, the Iranian people are hungry for freedom and ready to resist tyranny.  Iranians, along with U.S. citizens, deserve bold and courageous American statesmanship based upon the enduring causes of liberty and lasting-peace.

My Reaganesque vision for the people of Iran includes broad human rights - freedom for Iranian women to study, drive cars, wear makeup and live truly independent lives; freedom for Iranian religious minorities to worship openly and without reprisal; freedom for Iranians to travel abroad, engage in the global economy and live free of the brutal retribution of Sharia Law.

The free world yearns for a secular Iran governed by leaders who protect basic human rights, maintain societal and regional stability, fight militant Islamists and maintain the free-flow of oil. Is the concept of a westernized Iran far-fetched?  Hardly.  Such was the state of Iran’s society until the 1979 fall of the Shah of Iran and the rise of Iran’s Islamic dictatorship.

Think how much more stable, free, prosperous and peaceful the Middle East and world will be when the U.S. and other western governments are once again allied with a secular Iran.  We must elect a new president and other forward-looking national leaders who understand that a free and peaceful Iran must be a key component of our nation's foreign policy.”