Hagedorn mid-March Report

Jeremy Munson and Jim Hagedorn


The Hagedorn campaign is humbled to receive expanding support from prominent national, state and districtwide Republican officials and activists.

Yesterday, newly elected State Rep. Jeremy Munson (District 23B - Lake Crystal) endorsed my candidacy. See press release here and review all our endorsements here.

And check out former U.S. Rep. Gil Gutknecht’s ringing endorsement during this recent interview on Rochester’s KROC Radio.

Our campaign values GOP unity and I am looking forward to working with Congressman Gutknecht, State Rep. Munson and all who support our campaign over these next 234 days.

Rep. Tom Emmer


Please make plans to attend our campaign’s Mankato reception on March 26th featuring U.S. Representative Tom Emmer of Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District.

Congressman Emmer is a well-respected GOP leader and serves as the current Deputy Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee. Click here to review the invitation.

If you cannot attend, please consider making a contribution to support this event. Checks to: Friends of Hagedorn; 11 Civic Center Plaza, Suite 007; Mankato, MN 56001 or make an electronic payment at jimhagedorn.org/donate. Thank you!

Thought Leader Meetings


Our campaign continues to work closely with Minnesota First District Republican activists to unify our Party. Unlike our GOP competitor, who announced she is by-passing the endorsement process, I’m attending every possible county convention and am actively seeking the First District Republican Party’s endorsement.

This past week I visited the Le Sueur, Rock (Pictured above), Nicollet and Steele County conventions. This weekend I will be attending the Houston, Dodge, Faribault and Martin County conventions.

Even though our campaign is on track to win a convincing victory at the April 21 First District Convention in Mankato, we take nothing for granted and will keep working hard to earn the support and trust of our delegates.


A recently commissioned Harper Polling survey of likely First District Republican Primary voters showed us with a huge 33-point lead against our only competitor. We are ahead by wide margins in all media markets, including Rochester, and lead by an astounding 70%-6% in the Mankato area. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement!

Click here to review all of the poll details.

Thought Leader


We continue to travel the First District to shake hands and stay connected with residents. In addition to our well-known Main Street campaigning, I have started to spend time with “Thought Leaders” to learn more about our communities and better understand your needs and interests.

This past week I met with many leaders in St. Peter, Le Sueur and Winona. Some of the highlights were addressing the Le Sueur Rotary Club, meeting with Winona business leaders at the spectacular Minnesota Marine Art Museum (pictured above with Jerry and Pat Papenfuss) and speaking to the St. Charles Elephant Club.

Making acquaintances and gaining the perspectives of local mayors, chiefs of police, county administrators and other community leaders is rewarding. I am learning a lot from our local officials and look forward to continuing these visits.

Here’s a list of cities we recently visited and held thought leader meetings: Stewartville, Mankato, Austin, La Crescent, Worthington, Le Sueur, Albert Lea, Winona, St. Peter, Fairmont, Kasson, Faribault, New Ulm and Rochester.

Radio Interview


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Jim Hagedorn


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Kyle Pirron


Kyle Pirron, the Hagedorn campaign’s District Coordinator, appears happy and content inside Spomer Classics and Museum during our recent trip to Worthington. Marv and Jan Spomer of www.spomerclassics.com have one of the finest classic vehicle and vintage sign collections in the region.

Thanks for reading!

Jim Hagedorn
Republican Candidate for Congress
Minnesota’s First District