Hagedorn calls for Refugee “Time-Out”

By Joe Steck, Mankato Times - MANKATO, MINN. — Jim Hagedorn, the Republican candidate for the First District U.S. House seat was in Mankato today to talk about his solutions to reduce the threat of radical Islamic terrorism and minimize the risk of future attacks in the U.S.

“We all know the tragic events that happened this weekend in Orlando and it is unfortunate that is has happened far to often in our Country,” said Hagedorn “Whether it is 9-11, or Fort Hood episode, Boston bombing, Chattanooga, or San Bernardino. People are really upset, tired and frustrated and we continue to have these episodes and the Government really hasn’t taken the steps needed in order to protect the people.”

“I believe that the United States is at war with Islamic supremacists who adhere to the ideology of radical Islam,” Hagedorn said “Any political leader who doesn’t stand up and call out our enemy is someone who can’t be counted on to defeat our enemy.”

He wants secured borders and an immigration system that make sense stating “None of that has happened, even after 9-11.”

“At a minimum we must stop importing enemy combatants from countries that hate the United States and abhor western culture,” said Hagedorn

“President Obama has flooded the U.S. with almost 1 million migrants and refugees from predominately radical Muslim nations during his administration and it has continued to contribute to problems,” he asserted “Look at Minnesota. We have a terrorist recruiting problem from existing East African refugees. That isn’t my assessment. That is the assessment of Andrew Luger, President Obama’s own U.S. Attorney for Minnesota.”

In a 2015 interview with the New York Times, Luger said “Minnesota has a terror recruiting problem. We have seen far too many of our young men and young women go off to a foreign country to fight with terrorists.”

With the F.B.I. currently working on over 1,000 potential ISIS terrorist investigations, Hagedorn is suggesting that the U.S. take a time out on the refugee program.

“I propose that we take a refugee program time out so we can assess the benefits and weaknesses of the program and make appropriate changes,” he said “The mere fact that we are having these problems with existing refugees shows that the process for vetting isn’t working for all refugees. We need to take a time out in order for our government to figure out what is going on. So we can get to a point where we can make it more secure and where we can be more confident in those programs.”

This wouldn’t be the first time the government has put a halt on accepting refugees. President Obama’s State Department stopped processing Iraq refugees for six months in 2011 after the F.B.I. uncovered evidence that several dozen terrorists from Iraq had infiltrated the United States via the refugee program according to ABC News.

Hagedorn also said he would like to get back to the basics in many areas; securing the borders and fixing the visa and passport system.

“It is a disgrace that 15 years after 9-11 we have not secured the borders. That is on both Democrats and Republicans,” he said “I was one of the most harsh critics on President Bush for not securing the borders after 9-11. I thought Dennis Hastert and the Republicans in the House should have held him accountable and held him to task on the borders. My opponent Tim Walz has not done a good job in that area either.”

Hagedorn believes the U.S. should have a biometric entry/exit system noting that third world countries like Kenya have them.

“We don’t know who comes in this country and leaves. We don’t know who stays or where they are.” Hagedorn said

Hegedorn continued “Anyone who is a citizen or permanent resident of the United States who is caught conspiring with ISIS or any other terrorist needs to have their citizenship and permanent residency revoked and we need to do everything we can to weed them out so they are not a threat to the American people.”

Hagedorn chastised his opponent, 10-year Democrat Rep. Tim Walz, for a “decade of silence, weakness, incompetence, political correctness and naiveté that has enabled the cancer of Islamic terrorism to rapidly spread and kill.”

“If you look at what is going on with the basic problems, the explosion of refugees, the explosion of radical Islam throughout the middle east, Congressman Walz has supported all of the Obama/Clinton policies. He supported the rapid withdrawal of troops out of Iraq without a status of forces agreement to keep the peace. He supported Hillary’s war in Libya which has caused chaos, he supported the overthrow of our friends in Egypt and Yemen – all of those things have destabilized the region and led to the uprising of ISIS and the expansion of Islamic radicalism, the slaughter of Christians and the complete destabilization of the region. That is on him, that is his record.” Hagedorn said  

Hagedorn says Congressman Walz is “just as bad” with internal policies.

“Walz voted for Obama’s massive Muslim migration and has not even acknowledged that we are at war with Islamic supremacists who adhere to a radical ideology.  He wants the closure of the Guantanamo Bay prison and transfer of Islamic terrorists to the United States, and he voted to give amnesty to foreign nationals, including those from Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Pakistan, who overstay temporary U.S. Visas.”

“The key question Walz needs to answer for his constituents in the First District is  this: What good comes from bringing more people into the United States from Islamic nations that hate the United States.” Hagedorn asked.