Hagedorn attends Trump rally in Duluth


President Trump’s rally in Duluth last evening was energizing. It was inspiring to be in the arena and see the President in person.


President Trump highlighted many critical achievements during his Administration’s first 500 days in office. He also outlined our shared conservative solutions to keep restoring America’s greatness.

The President reaffirmed what I’ve been saying all along: Congressional races like ours in Minnesota’s First District are essentially “miniature” national elections that will determine our nation’s future.


With Tim Walz not seeking re-election to Congress, our open seat in MN01 has become the best pickup opportunity in the nation for U.S. House Republicans. 


We must keep working hard to win our race and do our best to help fellow conservatives Pete Stauber (MN08) and Dave Hughes (MN07) turn those seats from “blue” to “red” in November.


The Democrats, including our far left opponent, Dan Feehan, are salivating to win back the U.S. House and reinstate Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. They are bent to resist and replace the President and reinstate the failed radical Obama policies that were rebuked across the United States and in southern Minnesota.



The contrast between Feehan and me is clear. I am running to serve as a Conservative Reinforcement in the Republican-led U.S. House and partner with President Trump and like-minded colleagues to implement our commonsense solutions and keep moving America in the right direction. (See picture with MN07 GOP candidate Dave Hughes just before President Trump’s rally.)


Our nation’s future is on the ballot this election. We must win, and with your continued support, we will!


With optimism and appreciation,


Jim Hagedorn