August 10, 2015 | Press Release

- Incumbent congressman hasn’t held a true town hall meeting for 6 years -

Citing the many economic and foreign policy problems facing our nation, First Congressional District Republican candidate Jim Hagedorn today challenged DFL incumbent Tim Walz to hold a series of town hall meetings to hear firsthand the concerns of First District voters.

“From the deteriorating agricultural economy, to the scandalous treatment of our veterans by the VA, to the out-of-control illegal immigration, to the nuclear agreement with Iran, to the new EPA regulations afflicting farmers, to the travesty of Planned Parenthood harvesting organs of aborted babies, it’s time for Tim Walz to meet with his constituents, listen to their concerns and explain why his votes on the key issues match those of his urban Twin Cities colleagues and are at odds with the views and values of First District voters,” said Hagedorn.

While many members of congress use the traditional August recess to stay-in-touch with constituents, Walz has failed to hold an open-discussion town hall meeting since 2009, when he received harsh criticism for his unwavering support of Obamacare.

“Now is the time for Walz to be crisscrossing the First District, visiting county fairs, attending community celebrations, meeting with farmers and small business owners and, yes, explaining his votes at town hall forums across southern Minnesota. Other than a quick in-and-out appearance at Farmfest, ‘Twin Cities Tim’ is absent and lists no town hall meetings on his congressional web page, has issued no press releases announcing his availability and continues to turn a blind eye to First District families,” stated Hagedorn.

“My liberal opponent’s handlers have him in virtual ‘political witness protection,’ being shielded from angry constituents who want Walz to explain support for Democrat policy failures like the stagnant U.S. economy, Obamacare, massive welfare, open borders and weakness towards radical Islam, both home and abroad,” said Hagedorn.

“In 2006 Tim Walz ran on a slogan: He’s One of Us.  But after a decade in Washington, D.C. Tim’s out-of-touch and won’t even talk with us.  What’s the difference between Waldo and Walz(do)?  It’s actually possible for southern Minnesotans to find Waldo,” Hagedorn joked.

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