Hagedorn Announces Another Run at Congressman Walz

(ABC 6 News) - Republican Jim Hagedorn announced his intentions to challenge DFL Congressman Tim Walz once again in Minnesota's 1st Congressional District. The two faced off last election where Hagedorn received over 45% of the vote, but Walz ended up winning his 5th term in office.

"I'm enthusiastically entering the race and will be working full-time to replace Tim Walz and bring a conservative, common sense voice to Congress," Hagedorn said.

Hagedorn's campaign will focus on several issues including:  

  • Defending the United States and the American people from Islamic jihadists
  • Unleashing the economy and creating opportunity for working-Americans
  • Sustaining U.S. agriculture, family farmers and our rural way of life
  • Protecting the U.S. Constitution, America's borders and small town values

Hagedorn, a Blue Earth businessman, won the Republican primary in an upset last year.  He says this time around his fundraising and campaign team are stronger.

"During this campaign I will aggressively contrast Walz's counterproductive liberal record with my solutions to deal with Islamic terrorism, the stagnant economy and the other serious challenges facing our nation," Hagedorn said.