Hagedorn a Perfect Fit to Represent MN First District - letter to the editor by Dave Eberhart

Letter to the editor by Dave Eberhart, Rochester Post-Bulletin -

As a Republican activist, I attended the 1st Congressional District Republican convention several weeks ago. I was proud to cast my vote to endorse Jim Hagedorn at that convention. I wasn’t the only one. Jim won Republican endorsement on the first ballot by securing an overwhelming 76 percent of the vote.

Jim’s priorities were clear and well thought out. From a “peace through strength” foreign policy, to repealing burdensome regulations on farmers, to welfare reform, to imposing a refugee resettlement time out and securing our borders, Jim’s mainstream policy positions clearly represent the views and values of southern Minnesotans.

Jim is one of us, having grown up on the family farm in Truman. He’s worked in key public policy positions in Washington and has now returned home to serve our state. I urge all voters to get to know Jim Hagedorn. When you do, I think you’ll find him a perfect fit to represent us in Congress.