GITMO terrorists deserve last rites, not Miranda rights

PRESS RELEASE | February 24, 2016  

- Hagedorn: GITMO terrorists deserve the last rites, not Miranda rights -

Blue Earth, MN – Republican First District congressional candidate Jim Hagedorn has issued the third installment in his multi-video plan to deter and defeat radical Islamic terrorism. Click to view Hagedorn's video, Part Three: Keep GITMO’s Islamic terrorists out of Rochester, Minnesota.

In the video Hagedorn offers criticism of the “politically correct” plan President Obama submitted to Congress to close the Guantanamo Bay prison and transfer the Islamic terrorists to the United States for civilian trials.

Hagedorn directly tied Democratic Rep. Tim Walz to the issue, rebuking Walz for his ‘soft on Islamic terrorism’ record and repeatedly voting on the House floor to close Guantanamo Bay.

Hagedorn also chastised Walz for supporting the relocation of Guantanamo’s al Qaeda terrorists to the Federal Medical Facility in Rochester, Minnesota (see attached Rochester Post-Bulletin news story).

“We don’t need Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of 9/11, two miles from the Mayo Clinic,” said Hagedorn. “Can you believe…a United States congressman inviting the terrorists into his district?” I don’t know who [Tim Walz] thinks is going to visit characters like [Khalid Sheikh Mohammed] but it won’t be Billy Graham and the Pope,” Hagedorn stated.

Hagedorn concluded, “Tim Walz is completely wrong on this issue. The Islamic terrorists from Guantanamo Bay don’t deserve Miranda rights, they deserve the last rites! It’s time to elect a congressman who will go to Washington and defend this country and protect you from Islamic terrorism.”

Previously, Hagedorn issued two videos on the issue of deterring Islamic terrorism - Part One: Identifying the enemy and Part Two: Secure America’s borders and fix the broken U.S. Visa system. Video links are attached.

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