Hagedorn Weekly Report #12


My quest to attend all 21 county fairs brought me to Rochester, Garden City and Luverne this past week to visit the Olmsted, Blue Earth and Rock County Fairs, respectively. It’s always fun shaking hands and talking politics with fairgoers, small business vendors and 4H’ers. While in Garden City I spent time discussing issues with several sportsmen groups, including the Blue Earth County Pheasants Forever Chapter 915 (see picture above).


Tim Walz’s $29,700 Planned Parenthood Problem:

Our campaign issued a hard-hitting press release highlighting the stark contrast between Tim Walz’s extreme abortion-on-demand record and my right to life views.  In the release I call upon Walz to return $29,700 in tainted Planned Parenthood campaign money and chastise the congressman for remaining silent over the growing number of videos showing members of Planned Parenthood peddling harvested organs of aborted babies.

Walz Deserts Veterans to Fight for Federal Union Bosses (Part II):

Our campaign issued a follow up press release taking Tim Walz to task for voting against a bill to help the Department of Veterans Affairs more readily fire and demote rogue federal employees who have hurt veterans. Walz said he voted against H.R. 1994, the “VA Accountability Act of 2015,” because it was a “right to work” issue. Um, Tim, for veterans it’s a “right to life” issue!

Obama’s EPA is Out-of-Control!

We issued multiple posts on our campaign’s Twitter page outlining my views on electricity and energy issues and hammering President Obama for usurping congressional authority and misusing the EPA to impose draconian new global warming/power plant emission rules.

Tim Walz has wholeheartedly supported Obama’s EPA anti-energy regulations that are stifling our economy, killing high-wage blue collar jobs and needlessly driving up your electricity bills.

The EPA is out-of-control and must be reined in by: defunding administration of excessive EPA regulations; reforming the regulatory process by giving congress a yes/no check prior to implementation of all major rules; and return appropriate regulatory authority to the states.

What’s the Difference Between a DC Democrat and Socialist?

Democrat National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s epic inability to articulate the difference between a Socialist and Democrat made national news. Our campaign posted a video of the DNC Chair’s interview on Facebook, along with a substantial list of national issues on which Socialist-Democrat Bernie Sanders and Democrat-Socialist Tim Walz are in solidarity.


Rochester Post-Bulletin: In this story, the Post-Bulletin reported that former GOP congressional candidate Aaron Miller has decided against pursuing a run in 2016.


This week I am scheduled to visit the Farmfest Ag Expo; attend the Freeborn and Nicollet County Fairs; walk with the Fillmore County Republicans in Chatfield’s Western Day’s Parade; make fundraising calls and continue to pressure Tim Walz on the issues.

With appreciation,

Jim Hagedorn