Fox 9 Report Validates Hagedorn's Refugee Timeout Policy

May 14, 2018 | Press Release

Millions of Taxpayer Dollars Funneled Overseas to Fund America’s Enemies

Blue Earth, Minnesota – The Fox 9 report highlighting massive daycare fraud in the Minneapolis Somali community, and subsequent transfer of up to $100 million in “laundered” taxpayer dollars to fund overseas Islamic terrorist organizations, confirms the need for continued extreme vetting and a refugee resettlement timeout, according to Jim Hagedorn, the Republican Party’s endorsed candidate for Congress in Minnesota’s First Congressional District.

“In September of 2015, months before then-candidate Donald Trump addressed the issue of Islamic terrorism, I called for the imposition of extreme vetting and a refugee resettlement timeout. My proposal was based upon terrorist-recruitment, assimilation and welfare problems - in Minnesota and across the United States - associated with refugees from nations that harbor anti-American attitudes and promote Islamic supremacist ideology,” said Hagedorn.

The Fox 9 investigation determined that one Somali daycare operator billed the state over $1 million for providing fraudulent services, and that 10 other daycare operators are under investigation, with dozens more considered suspicious. The investigation showed that most are owned by Somali immigrants.

“On this issue alone, there is a clear difference between me and GOP competitor Carla Nelson, and my Democrat opponent, Dan Feehan,” said Hagedorn. “At a time when fraud and abuse by Somali daycare operators is rampant, Senator Nelson co-authored legislation to direct $18 million in state grants for “Somali Community Development” and create a new welfare funding stream for Somali immigrants, with virtually no oversight. Meanwhile, Democrat Dan Feehan says extreme vetting and a refugee program timeout is a ‘Muslim travel ban’ that would ‘make America less safe,’” he said.

“The liberal welfare and open borders policies of my opponents expose both as wrong and naïve concerning the threat posed to the American people by Islamic supremacists,” Hagedorn said.

The Fox 9 report highlighted an ongoing five-year investigation and concluded that Minneapolis and Seattle are experiencing similar activity, with fraudulent daycare schemes spreading to other areas.

“I’ll continue to strongly advocate for extreme vetting and a refugee resettlement timeout to protect the United States and the American people from those whose ideology conflicts with the U.S. Constitution and our American way of life. Additionally, as a Member of Congress, I will use my government reform expertise to overhaul federal agencies and eliminate waste, fraud and abuse, including fraud associated with daycare programs,” said Hagedorn.

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