First Congressional Race Enters Final Stretch

By Shawn Loging, KEYC - MANKATO, Minn. - Election Day is just over one month away.

Even though the presidential race has received most of the attention, there are a lot more contests on the ballot including one of the biggest races in southern Minnesota: the rematch for the First Congressional District.

Both candidates vying for southern Minnesota's U.S. House seat are hitting the airwaves with new ads this week.

Democratic incumbent Tim Walz is focusing on the economy and jobs in his TV spot... as he works to retain his House seat of almost ten years.

Rep Tim Walz, D-Minnesota said, "Work that we've been doing over these years to strengthen good paying jobs and those middle-class jobs that people need so that can live here, raise their family."

Republican challenger Jim Hagedorn is seeking to clinch the seat, releasing a radio ad touching on his plan for the issues of terrorism and refugees.

Republican U.S. House Candidate Jim Hagedorn said, "Minnesota's ground zero for it. I think 14 people have tried to join ISIS in the Minneapolis area. It's spreading into towns like Mankato, Rochester, Owatonna, Faribault."

This is a rematch of the 2014 race for this seat.

Hagedorn says the last two years have helped with organizing across the district and talking with voters about his message.

Hagedorn said, "I offer solutions on all these problems, to defend the country, get the economy rolling, protect our God–given rights, let veterans choose their own doctors. On the other side is Tim Walz. He's been out there for ten years in Washington and he has no record of solving anything."

But for Walz, those ten years in Washington D.C. play a key part in his campaign, focusing on his work bridging party loyalties.

Walz said, "The ability to work across party lines to find compromise that help for southern Minnesota and we're seeing that whether to bring transportation work here or it's trying to come up with solutions to make sure our veterans care is improved and better."

Both candidates are taking part in a forum Monday night, October 3 to reach out to voters and talk about their policies on a number of issues.

Walz said, "I think we're going to talk about the things at are working in health care and the things we can improve on in health care. We're certainly going to talk about the work I've done my entire adult life on national security and how this nation continues to lean forward on protecting people.

Hagedorn said, "We're going to talk about all the major issues. We're going to talk about my idea to protect America, get the economy rolling, help our veterans and protect our rights. And we're going to contrast that with Tim Walz's record of being in Washington for ten years."

The event takes place at South Central College beginning at 7 p.m.